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Digital receivers are Set-Top Boxes (STB) that receive digital data streams from various sources such as UHF/VHF antenna (DVB-T), satellite dishes (DVB-S), cable networks (DVB-C), professional studio networks (DVB-ASI) and/or IP networks (IPTV), extract video, audio and other information from the incoming streams, decompress the audiovisual content and convert it to various formats acceptable by normal TV sets.

These units decompress the incoming video using MPEG2, MPEG4(H.264) and VC-1(WMV 9) and audio using MPEG, AAC, WMA standards. In addition to real-time decoding of audio and video content, each STB extracts embedded data such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which includes program listings for incoming channels or Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) which delivers interactive TV services such as Email access, Internet browsing, online games among a host of other services.

DVB has standardized a number of return channels that work together with DVB(-S/T/C) to create bi-directional communication. Our units support Ethernet and dial-up modem as a return channel.

STB ApplicationsApplications

  • IPTV and WebTV
  • Interactive TV
  • Satellite Receiver
  • Professional Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRD)
  • Digital Cable Receiver
  • Online Games
  • Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) and DVB-T
  • Electronic Services such as Opinion Polls


  • High Quality TV Viewing
  • Multiple Standard Outputs to Fit All TV Sets
  • Smart Card Option for Encrypted Programs
  • Internal HDD, Flash disk, File Browsing
  • MHP Support
  • Return Channel Support
  • Reception of video from IP Networks
  • Interactive Services Such as Video-on-Demand


  • Supports MPEG2, H.264, VC-1, WMV 9.0 Video Decoding Standards
  • Supports MPEG, AAC, AAC+, WMA Audio Decoding Standards
  • Supports HDMI, S-Video, SCART, RCA, RF outputs
  • USB 2.0, Internal HDD, Flash disk
  • Supports Ethernet 10/100, Dial-up Modem, Serial Port
  • Supports Smart Card
  • MHP Support
  • Supports Dual Video Decoding
  • Supports Picture in Picture
  • Mosaic Channel Preview
  • Time Shifting and Repeat Support
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR)
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Parental Lock
  • MPEG over IP Streaming
  • File Browsing Support

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


· RF Antenna Input

· Analog Antenna Input

· L-Band Input (Optional)


· RJ45 Ethernet Input (Optional)

· DVB-ASI input (Optional)

· DVB-C input (Optional)


· CVBS Analog Video Output over RCA Connector

· Analog Video Output over S-Video Connector (Optional)

· RF Modulated Output over Coaxial Antenna Connector

· TV SCART Connector

· HDMI Connector (Optional)

Internal Memory

· 32MB Flash Memory

· ATA Hard Disk (Optional)

External Memory

· USB Flash Memory, USB 2.0 Is Supported (Optional)

Physical Dimensions and Power

· Dimensions (WxDxH): 300 x 240 x 65mm

· Approximate weight: 3 Kg

· Power: 100-285 ~AC

· Consumption: 25~50 Watts

Environmental Conditions

· Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

· Operating humidity: 10%-95% non-condensing

Data Sheet

User’s Manual

  • DVB STB User’s Manual

More information

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